Kadant UK Limited

P O Box 6, Riverside Works, Woodhill Road, Bury, Lancashire BL8 1DF, UK.

t: 0161 764 9111

e: sales.bury@kadant.com    w: www.kadant.com




Kadant UK Ltd is a Centre of Excellence amongst several Kadant businesses for doctor blade development.

The company is a global supplier of high value, engineered systems used in process industries worldwide. The Bury manufacturing site provides sales and applications expertise along with the design and manufacture of doctoring, cleaning and filtration product lines to process industries across all of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia.

Kadant's Otley, Yorkshire office sells and supports its fluid handling products and solutions and has responsibility for the provision of steam and condensate system engineering services in conjunction with Kadant Johnson Europe.

Kadant products play a critical role from beginning to end of the paper machine by enhancing process efficiency and product quality. Kadant doctoring, de-watering, fabric cleaning and conditioning, filtration, and forming products, technologies, and services enhance sheet properties, reduce energy and water consumption, and improve long-term sustainability.

 For doctoring, cleaning and filtration visit https://dcf.kadant.com

For steam & condensate and fluid handling visit https://fluidhandling.kadant.com 

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